Stronghold Crusader Game Guide And Cheats

Stronghold Crusader

is a strategy game which was release in 2002 .This games is based on economical Strong and in power however This game is Design as An Ancient Middle East Castle in which The Army, economy, far, iron wood are build and you need buy somethings to Build Like Market we need to buy foods and fruits for wood we need wood cutter and for iron their is a need of iron  manufacturing Machine Gold is needed To Buy Things  But The most important thing in this game we have to protect our castle and king to defend  yourself  from opponent As Their are  lords having their own castle and army which can attack easily after building  their  economic and Army They attack instantly. The Lord sultan is easy and The Caliph and Emir Medium and hard difficulty are Nazir And TheWazir is take from The Real Story (Hassan-i Sabbah)

stronghold crusader castle
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Stronghold Crusader Military Units

In Barracks: Who you find Following

  • Archer
  • Knight
  • Pikeman
  • Crossbowman
  • Swordsman

In Mercenary Post: is an another military Unit Now this is The important unit for attack or to defend

  • Arabian Bowman :cost 75 Gold
  • Slave cost: 5 Gold
  • Slinger cost: 12 Gold
  • Arabian Swordsman: Cost 80 Gold
  • Fire Thrower: Cost 100 Gold
  • Assassin :Cost 200 Gold
  • Horse Archer :Cost 80 Gold
  • Thief Cost 10 Gold

The Opponent Stronghold Crusader Character

These are The Character and Their Mode

  • THE RAT (Easy)
  • THE SNAKE (Easy)
  • THE WOLF (Hard Very Hard)
  • THE SULTAN(Very Easy)
  • THE CALIPH (Medium)
  • SALADIN( Very Hard)
  • Richard The Lion Heart (Hard)

The game stronghold Crusader has two part one is (stronghold Crusader ) and the Second is (Stronghold Crusader Extreme) having same location game design was release in 2008 but different Opponent listing Below

  • Emperor Frederick (Hard)
  • King Phillip (Medium)
  • The Sheriff (Medium)
  • The Abbot (Easy)
  • The Wazir (Medium)
  • The Emir (Hard)

This Game can be play with one and another other Like several Online game play with friends or group

For This Game Stronghold You need a Software To chat and play online and guide each other for their Lords And castle And The Most popular Software Use is GameRanger For Playing online This game In Pc Because its A microsoft Window Platform Game

Visit Official Site of GameRanger To download it

Visit Website   and can also download From Softonic  Click Here  

And The game can be download anywhere from the google or Any website or on server

Click Here  To download From Softonic

Here Are The cheats OF Stronghold Crusader

Note: Go To Main Menu And Press (SHIFT + ALT + A  ) And Then You Need TO Type TRIBLADE2002 For The Activation Of Cheats

  • ALT + K =Destroy Opponent  fortress
  • ALT + Z= Destroy selected enemy.
  • ALT + G= Destroy main stronghold.
  • ALT + D= Engage debug mode.
  • ALT + P= Increase character’s level.
  • ALT + F= Upgrades and purchases become  free Of Cost.
  • ALT + S= Time shift.
  • ALT + Q= Time compression engaged.
  • ALT + Y=All The Enemies  on  The screen turn into butt sauce.

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