ps4 games coming soon

ps4 games coming soon 2017

upcoming games for ps4 games include wwe, action, adventure ,shooting games,battle,fantasy

and much more with alot of entertainment here below are some list of games which are upcoming games for ps4 games

1.wwe 2k17


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wwe 2k17 is upcomming game of wrestling publish by 2k sports this games is also for xbox one

wwe fighting game consists of different various matches last man standing ,first blood,two on one,one on one,ladder match,out of the ring, backstage fighting , hell in a cell , maximum of pin through finisher .In this game player can win through signature or finisher attack  player can easily pin the opponent

2.Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

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battlefield 1 is upcoming new game  and now release until  in October 2017   publish by electronic art battlefield is the shooting game .The game was design as for the period of world war 1 weapon include  mustard gas , flamethrower automatic rifle  and it already won award of best action game in 2016 games Critics awards

3 .Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

is another  upcoming horror game 2017  this game part series has been hit and successful business most sold publish by capcom The game pervious had been released for xbox one ,ps4 and Pc in this game weapons including pistols, shotguns,lazer gun, explosives materials and this game is continue the part of resident evil 6 .The game consist of different character to play and fight with zombie creature devil

ps4 games coming soon

upcoming games of xbox one similar like ps4

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4. Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7

final fantasy 7 is an action video game this games is also for xbox one with amazing graphic video game .This games story based on two best friends where they wanted to undercover  the reality and want to reclaim it land for facing different kind of challenges for more visit it official webiste

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 5. injustice  2 

injustice 2

is the fighting video game develop by famous warner bros in this game player can exchange their weapon like arms shield for thier protection  each character have thousand of option for per single category This game will be release for xbox one also

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vampyr is upcoming game of action video game available for ps4 and xbox one  based story on vampire who is doctor whom wanted to suck the blood and kill innocent for his thirst .sucking human blood unlock the opportunity for new vampire powers for providing him health


7. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

ps4 games coming soon

sniper Ghost is one player shooting games will release for both xbox one and ps4 and its was released sinper ghost warrior 2 in the past it new series sinper ghost warrior 3 will release in 2017 games on border of america and russia  you have choose your own path To Play



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