Prey PC Gameplay

prey 2017 pc gameplay

Prey 2017 is a sci-fi horror game developed by Arkane Studios. The publisher of the game is Bethesda Softworks. Its initial release date was 5 May 2017. It is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.
Prey PC gameplay is quite amazing. The game is simply a first-person shooter played from a first-person viewpoint. It is set in the open world environment. The name of the character that player takes is Morgan Yu. He is a human, who is on a space station filled with several species of aliens, which are together known as the Typhon. The aliens, as obvious, are hostile. You will be able to select certain characteristics of Morgan, like gender.
The game is set in 2032 and in a different timeline. In this timeline, the assassination of JFK did not take place and he invested large amounts of money in the space program.

Typhon were drawn to us as we increased our human activities in space. Initially, the human contained the Typhon but lost control over them after they became uncontrollable.
In the Prey PC gameplay, you will wake up as Morgan Yu after an attack on the space station by the Typhon. They have hazy black skin. The types of Typhon are – Cystoids, Mimics, Phantoms, Poltergeists, Telepaths, and Nightmare.
One important feature of the Prey PC gameplay is that your decisions while playing will affect the elements of the game and hence, its story. Surviving is the most important part of any game and in the Prey game, the player must collect weapons on the way and use them and other resources to defend himself and defeat the aliens.

There are a variety of powerful weapons onboard but in the start, you will have only a wrench. As you progress in the game, you will get Gloo Cannon, which is a multipurpose tool. You can also climb walls using it. Other weapons include pistol, shotgun and huntress boltcaster. You will also get gadgets in the later part of the game.
The station in Prey PC gameplay does not involve separate missions or levels but is rather completely continuous. There may be times in the game when you will have to return to previously visited areas. The Prey PC gameplay also allows the player to venture in zero gravity; outside the station. This helps in finding shortcuts in the station’s connecting parts.

The aliens in the Prey PC gameplay have a collection of different powers and the player has the ability to gain those powers over time. One such power or ability of the alien is to mimic objects, like a chair.
The game can have multiple endings. It widely depends on the player’s interactivity with the station. We can say that there are lots of possibilities based on particular events.

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