Prey 2017 weapons Locations

In so diverse in terms of story and side quests branching action-RPG Prey (2017) is actually not a lot of weapons. Counted on the fingers may be available, but you can find it in many different places – on several occasions. The same applies to the drawings – if you will pick the first available drawing for a wrench, for example, you can find it later.

Below we describe you Prey weapons Locations, The location of the most accessible, the main weapon. At the same time, some can only be obtained by performing additional quests, as is the case with the Golden Gun.

Prey weapons Locations

Adjustable wrench . It is an ordinary wrench – the tool of any plumbing, however, dealing decent damage (at least in the early stages of the game). Weapons exclusively melee, which can not be improved. Improve the efficiency of an adjustable wrench can be, but at the expense of buying special modifications for neyromody. Finding the drawing key, you can create as many as you want by spending a mere 2 mineral (Fabricator needed).

The first wrench can be found near the apartments Morgan Yu after watching the scene mimics the attack on the scientist. Lying in the hallway near the corpse Patricia Varma.

Silenced Pistol shooting 9-millimeter ammunition. Morgan is on the table at the beginning of the game. It also can be found in the center of teleconferencing, searched the dead body of Elias Black.

GYPSUM-gun . This short arms can be used to freeze enemies and also to neutralize the bared wires and terminals, pipes with fire and create a platform allowing to rise above. You can improve GYPSUM-gun, but first have to unlock the ability to “Laboratory” of the first and second level (for maximum pumping).

Find GYPSUM-gun can be in the hallway in neyromodov department, where you will run into a few facial expressions. She was lying on the floor near the corpse Vir Singh. The second gun can be found in the ladies’ room, located on the first floor of the hall, “Talos-1.”


This weapon produces a charged projectile temporarily immobilizes the target. It is also a good idea manifests itself in the fight with people whose mind is controlled by telepathy. Effective shocker against the operators.

To find it, go to the second floor of department neyromodov. There, with the help of GIPS-gun can climb onto the balcony and searched the body into the far corner. It lies in the portfolio. You can also be found in the briefing-room apartment near Morgan Yu, early in the game. A niche where is safe. You need to jump on a tall cabinet, which is dragged along and decal shocker.


perfectly distinguished himself in the fight against major opponents. It is effective in most cases, when fired from close range. To find it, go into the hall, “Talos-1” and go up to the transition to neyromodov department (first location). Here, look for the corpse near Nash Underwood. Also shotgun lies in security office.


Weapons fired special darts without causing damage to enemies. But you can use them as a distraction, clicking on the button at the door, to whom alone it is impossible to reach, and to activate the screens in the terminals. For example, some doors open just terminals.

To find drotikomot, go to Kelly Randolph’s office that the department neyromodov sales. The weapon is behind the office desk.


The most powerful weapon in the Prey. It causes serious damage to all types of enemies. To kill the enemy, you need to aim, hold LMB and hold the beam as long as red scale is completely green.

The ballistics laboratory, that the territory of the hardware laboratory, is the first K-luchemot. This area is blocked, so at first it will be necessary to fix the panel outside “Talos-1.” Once done this, go back into the hardware lab. Use the terminal to check weapons and unlock it. You can also find a plan of manufacturing K-luchemota in the data warehouse.

In addition to the listed weapons you can use a variety of grenades, including EM-charge bait for Typhon and so on.. Some of them are lying around dead bodies, but later you are bound to find blueprints for their manufacture to fabricators.

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