prey 2017 safe codes and passwords for safes

Passwords and Key codes for Prey

An entire collection of Safe Codes and Door Codes which includes Maintenance Tunnel, Hidden Treasure, Security Booth – Success made easy

An entire collection of cheat codes including Passwords and Key Codes that will help you get through the complete game of Prey! This even comprises of exclusive solutions to every locked safe in the game.

Prey as a game which uses doors and safes protected with sophisticated mechanisms because it is a security protected game. In order to reach new locations as well as get headway in the game, the gamer must figure out an abundant of these Prey Codes. These codes and passwords are mostly positioned on sticky notes on the office desks or sneaking somewhere around in emails. However, we have you covered. In this article you will find all the passwords and key codes you require.
We have an impressive collection of key codes which includes:

Prey Debriefing Room Safe Code
Prey Maintenance Tunnel Code
Prey Escape Pod Key Code
Prey Psychotronics Keycard
Prey Security Booth Key Code
Prey Hidden Treasure Code

If you prize yourself for taking challenges head on and don’t want to indulge in a bit of cheating then we have the perfect alternative for you. You can get access to a complete walkthrough of the game through the ‘Prey Guide and walk Through’. This option includes particulars about objectives and also information about the several Neuromods.

Therefore, if you’re specifically interested in and looking for Key Codes and Passwords then keep reading onwards this article. A list of Key Codes and Passwords from the game Prey have been prepared for use readily and find optimal success in the game.

A guide to Key Codes specifically for Doors and Safes in the game Prey

There is a specific number of Key Codes and Passwords that are the same for all playthroughs; however, the Key Codes and Passwords dispersed throughout Talos 1 are casually generated in each playthrough.
A carefully crafted list of locations has been provided below with real numbers you will have to input. We hope you like entering numbers!

On a side node, another section (below) of this guide has been constructed specifically for Passwords and Codes that might not be available on this list. Therefore, if you don’t find them in this list, you know where to find it.


Passwords and Key Codes in the game Prey
A greater part of Passwords and Key Codes in the game are newly generates on every attempt of playing. Therefore, there isn’t a single combination of that code that would work every time. A lot of these passwords can be found by searching the nearest area in the game where it is required. These codes are usually stuck to boards where the information to Log Into the game is required. An alternative way to go through a locked door is to hack into the system for a locked door.
There are a few things to keep in mind before you start the Hacking process in Prey. The first requirement is having enough Neuromod points to crack the Hacking 1 capability in the Scientist skill tree. The next step is to figure out your computer difference and the compatible hackable item. This is a requirement because models of computers are compatible with different Hackable items as they are protected with various levels of security. Therefore, hacking a security level 3 computer can be a tad bit difficult and requires an upgrade in your Hacking abilities so much so to the level of Hacking 3. The important part is to note that with every successful attempt of hacking, for the next attempt you will require more Neuromod points than the previous attempt. Hence, you need to be cautious of Neuromod points scattered around in Talos 1.

We also have an alternative for people who are not big on hacking. Yes, we have the locations of the Key Codes and Passwords! They are listed in the readable table below:

Table 2 for Passwords and codes

You can also head somewhere else to get a detailed guide to the weapons in Prey. Additionally, upgrades and a complete walkthroughs are also available.

Isn’t this a lot of numbers to process and remember? In order to minimize confusion and keep coming back to this page, you can bookmark it! Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

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