Prey 2

Prey 2

is upcoming game of microsoft xbox one and ps3 platform althought it released date has been hold The story of Prey 2 Game has been based on united states marshals service The games start where  passenger flight suddenly crashes on sphere at very short time of battler with some aliens he tap unconscious After that happen the storyline move fowards many .The Player Killian Samuels is become bounty killer

The Game Prey 2 was first released in 2006 but it did not released and cancel by human head studio for their own marketing purpose. The publisher  Bethesda Softworks had decided to announce the date on 2011 but the change in player and character the development team human head decided to ceased the development of game then in 2016 rumor came to know that it will release on 2016 but it had cancel now the Final with complete development of game will announced and release in 2017 The game (prey 2)  which is now( prey  in 2017 video game)

Prey 2

Photo credit by wikipedia

This photo was taken during development of the game in 2011

you can buy this game on amazon as pre order that means it will release soon in 2017

Prey for xbox one cd

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