CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE attack strategy clash of royale

An amazing hostile methodology for Clash Royale

CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE attack strategy clash of royale 

working its a very very cheap deck so you can see were three.

so we’ve gotten rid of an entire of a liquor store now we can make this seven cheaper if we wanted to get rid of the fireball and say use to arrows you can get it down to 3.1 like using the fireball obviously we could get rid of the barbarians or the wizard like we could very easily use already have the one skeleton right so yeah we got the one skeleton out of there but there isn’t too much else that is cheaper we could bring up this app with me through the mirror in here somewhere

it will bring it down to two point seven which could be crazy but my dog is getting tangled up in chords so we’re going to go ahead and put that was her back up in there though and you know that might actually be cool to have the mirror in there but with how this deck of (arena 6 ) they were just going to stick in a row and some of them have been really good so we’re going to go over of them and then im going to try and get a live one for you people and hopefully we can get another victory and we can open up this crown chance with to crown towers down right (royal arena )(arena 6)

so here the first one against somebody from hong kong he a level two ¬†and level 10 so its like im trying something out against somebody that good he number nine in the world so im number seven we’re fairly so lets go ahead and jump into thing looks like that he going to start with the barbarians

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CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE attack strategy clash of royale

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