Mass Effect andromeda romance Guide

mass effect andromeda romance

Decisions and Consequences with Allies and Romantic Relationships

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Creating Relationships mass Effect andromeda romance
In principle, the very ending does not affect this choice. From it only depends who exactly turns out to be the lover of the protagonist. Therefore, you can choose any character who most liked you. By the way, in our guide it is indicated how to make a novel with two satellites and mass Effect andromeda romance

Mission to Bark’s loyalty

Here you have to decide the fate of the Pioneer Azari:
Have you decided not to tell anyone? In this case, Sarissa will help you in the last mission.
Caught the asari and appointed a new Pioneer? Then you will come to the rescue of Vederia.
Slandered Sarissa, but still left her a pioneer on the ark? The girl will help you, but the dialogue with her will change a little.

Mission to the loyalty of Jaal

(Mass Effect andromeda romance)

When completing this quest, you will need to save the life of AxuLu or send it to a different world. During the cut scene with the reunification of the family of Jaala, the girl will attempt to deal with him. It is necessary to look at the bottom of the screen and make a choice:
With the assassination of Axel, Jaal is sad, but his family will still come to your aid in the final mission.
Keeping a life of AxuLu will help you in maintaining good relations with Jaal, however, in this case he will get a wound on his face. His family will help you in the last battle.

Mission to Pibi’s loyalty

Mass Effect andromeda romance

It is necessary to decide what to do with the mysterious device. The choice can make Ryder himself: kill or release Kalinda. In this case, there will be practically no consequences – you will only have to lie to Pibi. If you allow her to make a decision herself, and she will save Kalinda’s life (the device will be lost), then Kalinda will come to your rescue in the last assignment.

Mission to the loyalty of the Fight

Mass Effect andromeda romance

Here you need to choose the fate of Aron: Give the fight to interrogate and persuade to save his life, then Vorn will help you in the final mission. If Drak kills him, then Vorn will still help you in the end.

Gil Quest

Mass Effect andromeda romance

Here everything depends on whether Ryder will manage to deceive the poker player. However, regardless of the outcome of the game, the ending itself will not change, only dialogues. The same applies to the child – only the options for dialogue will change.

Quest Kallo (runs the Storm)

Mass Effect andromeda romance

In this mission, you just need to support Gil or Callo. However, this decision will not have an impact on the final, so choose the one you prefer.

Solutions and consequences in side quests

In most additional tasks, players have to make a certain choice. Some decisions can affect the main storyline, and the consequences of others you may not even notice.

The first killer (Nexus)

At the end of this assignment, you have to decide whether to expel the accused from the station or to release him on all four sides:
In the case of expulsion, you can meet him on the planet Kadar, where he will try to start his life from scratch.
If you simply release it from the camera, the wife will eventually leave him, and people will continue to consider him a murderer, so he will ask the doctor to freeze himself again until better times.

Sleeping Dragons (Nexus)

You can complete this task after the second story mission. In it, you will have to solve the problems of protesters who are unhappy with the fact that members of their families have not yet been taken out of the cryosene. Your choice will not affect the story in any way.
You can ignore the request of the protesters and then they will simply be dispersed by security officers of the station.

Agree to the demands of the protesters and convince the plant’s leaders to remove family members from the cryosnal.
Refuse to comply with the requirements of the picketers. In this case, many of them will be put in jail. However, you can slightly defuse the situation and then the protestors will calmly go home.

The Way of the Hero (Nexus)

This assignment is connected with a journalist named Keri T’Vessa, to whom you can give interviews after each important mission and even make a romance.
You can reject the request of the journalist or agree, but do not come to the meeting. In this case the azari will decide to talk with the director Tann, who will tell her all the nonsense and expose himself as a hero. As a result, the main character of her film will be Tann.
Have you decided to give her an interview, talk only the truth and flirt during a conversation? In this case, you will be able to start a romantic relationship with her, and your main partner will not be against it.
If you lie to a journalist, she will offend you and then you will not see a novel with her.

The formula of oblivion (Kadar)

Walking in the slums of Kadara, you can encounter a doctor who will give you a quest for the return of a medical product stolen from him by criminals who are now making narcotic substances from him. The kidnapper will tell you that the doctor deceives you.
Have decided to trust the girl and leave her a drug? Congratulations, you were deceived as the last pioneer – she will continue to create drugs.
After returning the formula to the doctor, you will find out that he did not lie to you. In addition, he will settle in your outpost located on Kadar, taking up the post of doctor.
If you ignore this task, you can not create an outpost on the planet.

Murder in the Port (Kadara)

When completing this quest, you will notice a fight between Sloan and Reyes. You will have to intervene in it and choose one of the conflicting parties.
With the support of Sloan, the Defiant will take control of Kadar, and the girl will help you in the final assignment.
With the support of Reyes, Vidal’s faction will take over the management of this world. In this case, it will help you in the end.
If you do not participate in this conflict, Sloan will win, but the factions will continue to quarrel with each other and none of them will come to your rescue.

The Fate of a Brother (Voeld)

mass effect andromeda romance

Maarel will ask you to find out what happened to her brother. You can make the following choice:
Tell the girl the truth and then she will fly to Havarl to mourn her brother.
To lie to her – Maarel simply flies home.

Search for the Past (Void)

When you complete this task, you will need to decide whether to destroy or preserve the ancient Angara artificial intelligence.
Destruction of AI – on the plot almost does not affect.
Preservation of AI – in this case he will kill the hostage, and you can use it for a good purpose.
However, this good goal again has two ramifications:
You can give him the task to work with SEM, but this again does not affect the plot.
You can transfer it to the scientists of the hangar – in this case the angarans will be better prepared for the last battle, as they will use the data of artificial intelligence.

Secret source of water (Elaaden)

mass effect andromeda romance

Here you will need to find a hidden water reservoir, captured by one of the groups. When you find it, you will enter the very center of a dangerous confrontation, and you will have to make an important decision.
Give control over the water to Anna – you can get a small amount of credit cards and enlist the help of a girl in the following assignments.
Leave control over the water yourself – you have to fight Anne, but you will not be able to kill it. As a result, it will be replaced by Paradise

The core of the engine of the Relic (Elaaden)

When finding the relict engine core, which is a powerful energy source, the krogan will ask you to give it to them.
Give the core to kroganam – as a result, you will be able to populate Elaaden and improve its prospects, but in the following games you can expect serious consequences of this decision.
Do not give the core to kroganam – you will be given 2 thousand credits and 1 thousand points of research of Relic. However, after this you will not be able to build an outpost on the planet and thus open up new side quests.

Ark of the Turians

If you want to get a better ending in Mass Effect: Andromeda, then you definitely have to decide the fate of Avitus.
Convince Avitus to become a pioneer on the ark of turians – in this case he will help you in the final battle. In addition, Dana will remain alive.
Do not convince Avitus – the consequences of the final mission will be more deplorable. Avitus himself will be able to meet later on the planet Kadar.









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