Mass Effect Andromeda Ending

Mass Effect Andromeda Ending

The Mass Effect series was always famous for its wide choice in performing certain tasks, each decision having certain consequences. The new part took over this feature from the original trilogy, so the Mass Effect Andromeda Ending differ significantly from each other and directly depend on what choice your hero makes in important story moments. Naturally, players would like to learn as much information about them as possible, in order to eventually choose the best ending, the preservation of which will certainly be useful to them for the next game

Note that a couple of decisions and their consequences are presented in the Code. For example, it describes the results of the main quests. It also demonstrates the relationship of the main character with his comrades-in-arms and secondary characters. However, in reality Mass Effect Andromeda Ending are much larger, and all of them depend on the decisions you make. At the end of the game, the game takes into account the choice made in both the main and side quests. For this reason, we will try to describe all the outcomes of the interchanges.
Decisions and consequences of the main plot


At this stage, the outcome is influenced by the fact whether the protagonist was engaged in a thorough study of Dwelling-7. If he did, Alec Ryder will praise his son (daughter) in dialogues and some messages, and also call you an excellent Pioneer.

Mass Effect Andromeda A Trail of Hope Mission

When you get to Voelda (Nol system), at the end of the quest, you will need to deal with the Cardinal and his retinue. After the battle with him will be shown a small screensaver, and then you have to make a difficult choice:

  • To blow up the scientific station together with the Cardinal and captive hangar
  • Save the captured hangar and not kill the Cardinal;
  • Save the captured hangar and make a control shot in the Cardinal.

The first decision will lead to negative consequences, the second – to neutral, and the third – to positive. The fact is that with the third option in the last task, anagara combat troops will come to your aid.

Mission 4 Mass Effect Andromeda Ending

Sloan Kelly mass effect Andromeda
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In this task, you have to accept or reject Sloan Kelly’s offer, letting or not letting her deal with Veren. Here are the consequences for you:

Do not settle for his execution, and then he will join the resistance of the hangar. Agree to his execution. However, in this case you will still be able to talk with him in the end.

In the fourth mission, the protagonist also has to decide who to save from the flagship belonging to the Archon, after the fight with the boss level (modified krogan). You can help either a Salarianian trailblazer or a found krogan. In principle, this choice will not greatly affect the ending – just in the last mission you will be helped by either a saved krogan or a salarian. By the way, if you have a companion in the fight, you will certainly hear from him comments about the rescued.

Mission 6 Mass Effect Andromeda Ending

At the point of non-return, you have to decide the fate of Danna (the captain of Hyperion). She can be saved or let her die. If you want to save the girl’s life, then before you complete this task, go through the quest for loyalty to Cora, and in the mission with the turkish ark, convince Avitus to assume the position of the Turian Pioneer. In this case, in the final quest at your start will be just three Pioneers: salarian (you need to choose one of two characters), turian and asari (you need to choose one of the two characters). Then Captain Dunne can survive the catastrophe.
If you failed to fulfill the above conditions, then the girl will die as a hero in saving her crew.

Ryder will have to decide on the ambassador for the Nexus. Here you just need to choose the character you like. Choose wisely, as we are confident that this decision will play a significant role in the following parts of the series.

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