How to Start hosting a game server

hosting a game server

quick tips on how to populate your game server one of the most daunting tasks of owning a game server is getting it populated it’s frustrating paying all this money to have no one play on your server here’s a list of tips and tricks to populate your game server

1. Pick up The Host Name

title for your server that is catching a descriptive something like counter-strike server instead of twenty-four seven deaths to dust complex  while starting you must Pick up the Host name to Hosting a game server.

2. Mods

spice up the game by installing some mods,and Very important to Hosting a game server.


niche fill a niche by playing in a location that players want

4. Play server with Friends

play on a server with your friends nothing is more attractive to a potential player than seeing an active


if you have a page full of don’t do this don’t do that it’s horribly unattractive to the potential player like only restricting so most people agree on keep this to a minimum listen to your players after all they’re the ones using your server


add a couple BOTS to your server to give the illusion that people are playing a server with more players is more attractive than an empty.

7 .redirection Server

this is a bit advanced but set  up several servers and have them all direct to a central server you can also give the illusion the server’s full by using different mods it’s a good way to get the user.

 how to host a server on unturned

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