How to play Overwatch

It amazing when you talk about Overwatch – to disassemble all the heroes and their tricks, arrange a tour of the maps, for example – but it will take a lot of time. And to study these things most still much more interesting than reading about them from someone.

We wanted to prepare some more general Content that will warn beginners to avoid mistakes that beginners make almost always, and make the game more enjoyable for them.

How to play Overwatch and Whom To Play ?

How to play Overwatch
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How to play Overwatch

This Game is Full of amazing and interesting playing for everyone. This is one of the main ideas of Overwatch: you have 2 or more dozens of heroes or Character and each is suitable in different situations. Here we will not deconstruct every case – it is better to find out such things in practice. We’d rather concentrate on How to play Overwatch Best so that the practice goes as smoothly as possible.

Playing for some characters (McCree, Tracer, WidowMaker, Hanzo), you Play the better, The more experience you have in playing shooters. In the game for others, You can possible get more advantages by taking the right Decision. And if you dont have ability to shoot it often turns out to somehow get out, then without understanding the situation in Overwatch simply does not.

Play Bastion Because it is very easy, drive the grief-adviser with rags. Do not be fooled. This is a rotten provocation, because of which there are so many bad Bastions in public games.

bastion overwatch
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Just Play for Bastion  put on the turret, clamp the button of shooting and shearing of the frags – but this is also his main problem. More than once in the movement the robot will work only against hopeless opponents. And you yourself are unlikely to learn anything in the process, except that you will see a couple of times, as with novice Bastions like you are struggling experienced. But Not to much Difficult

A good Bastion is one who has had time to realize other heroes and is good at when you need to get up and fall down.

If you start from Mercy, The healer

Mercy Overwatch
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The first perfect Choice is Healer, having Healer you can be Still kill , but at the same time you will bring much more Benefits that should always be next to the right ally at the right time, makes you look around and on the fly to understand the movement of the team. But at the same time, she alone can lead the team to victory by a well-posed resurrection.She Heal 60 Health Per Second and Thats Amazing.

Play with Zenyatta

zenyatta overwatch
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kills, moreover, he Defeat better than many Other. However, because of his awkwardness, he must learn to feel the map and the location of opponents on it.


with his Super speed and wall crawling, teaches you to be impudent and get on your nerves. But he should not break away from his team too much, so as not to lose the opportunity to reach it with his healing and accelerating auras.

if you dont understand How to play Overwatch THEN Start With


WINSTON overwatch
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A good start is Winston . You do not need to be accurate with him (his Tesla-gun is aimed at the nearest targets itself), but it’s vital to balance your strengths and break into a fight when this really will be successful. It is always tempting to jump a fat gorilla into the center of the enemy team … and ingloriously die before you get at least someone to scare. Winston teaches to catch the moment, look for opportunities and competently play them.


Reinhardt overwatch
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The same good Reinhardt , but his job is not to make noise in the enemy’s rear, but to stand with the team and cover it with himself. However, with his brute force, too, it is worth it to break from time to time. As soon as you train the shutter speed and stop living the nailing jerk every time he rolls back, you will become a little better – as a player and as a person.


One more thing is to be notice that Health, armor and shields are  different things

The health of heroes is of three colors. White – the usual, it is restored only by first aid kits and healing skills (one Angel automatically heals itself). Blue – the shields, which begin to fill in 3 seconds after the last receipt of damage. In zenyatta and Zarya, a significant part of the strip of health is just the shields, and this helps them to recover from hassles without someone’s help.

The third type of health is armor, it is yellow. All damage to it is reduced by five units, or cut by half, if the blow has taken down less than ten points of health. This is not so important if it is a powerful but slow weapon (150 damage from a charged hit Widows minus 5 – remains 145), but it hits very hard on automatic cannons. So, the damage of the Tracer is cut almost half!

The armor is used before health, but after the shields, and is compensated for by treatment, if by default the hero is included (but the armor given by Torbjorn does not return). A lot of armor is usually for “tanks”, especially for D.Va. Not the worst compensation for large torsos, which is easy to get.


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