Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Get All allies

Horizon Zero Dawn allies

The main heroine needs friends on a long and winding path of life. Gradually, completing the story missions, you will meet important points of choice. Depending on your reaction and actions, you can make friends, but it’s not so easy to do it.

The achievement of gathering all the allies is quite easy to overwhelm, since it’s quite easy to miss someone. One mistake can cost you an ally. The more you have friends, the more allies you will have in the last battle, so do not be lazy.

To make someone an ally, you need to make him happy – everything is simple. The game has a lot of moments, because of which the interlocutor get angry or offended, so you need to be careful in actions and expressions.

The most important thing: when talking with someone and you give a choice of three options (Brain, heart and fist) … ALWAYS CHOOSE HEART !

Sometimes you can choose other options, but the heart will absolutely always lead you to the best outcome. If you are sympathetic to the problems of the interlocutor, then look, he may soon open to you, and then – become a friend. The fist and the brain are not always the wrong answer, but why risk it?

Horizon Zero Dawn allies Collection

This is a key point, but you will also have to complete many additional quests. Here is a list of tasks that you should perform.

Complete all the plot tasks before the mission “The Looming Shadow”

During the quest “Cause for Concern” – Do not challenge or kill the Nile.
Complete the following side tasks:
Sunstone RockTraitor’s Bounty
A Moment’s Peace
A Queen’s Gambit
A Daughter’s Vengeance
Honor the Fallen
Sun and Shadow
Do these tasks, choose the heart in the dialogues, and you will recruit all possible allies to your friends. It’s not so easy to make everyone happy, it’s quite easy to break everything from scratch, so always be careful. Complete all the side jobs before the “The Looming Shadow” mission begins.

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