Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice – All Lorestone Locations

A guide of Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice All Lorestone Locations

Which Playing This game There is Many Player Lost in this Game so we have listed All Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Lorestone Locations.

How many Lorestone are this in the games?

They are total 44 Lorestone in Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice.

Where is The Road to Hel Lorestones ?

There are total 4 in Hel Lorestone

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Lorestone Locations

The Road to Hel Lorestones

  1. while playing this game you will find very first staring of the game when you leave the Board,


2. This Lorestone you will found  as you leave the seaside under the bridge and start climbing the rocks,

discover at the base of a small waterfall.


3 – the lorestone given in this picture given below,

You can find this Lorestone at the height of the cliffs above the shore,

after passing through the Rune Door,

and crossing the small beam over the cliff.


4.  following  Lorestone given below is given below is located at the Gate to Hel,

where you fight against Northmen, and it is reveal to the right of the doors to Valravyn and Surtr written M on this  Lorestone.


Valravyn’s Keep Lorestones  Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Lorestone Locations

how many loreston are their in Valravyn’s Keep?

Answer :-

There are total 5 Lorestone in Valrayn’s Keep Valravyn’s Keep Lorestones



1 – you will easily find this Lorestone  in the beginning area of Valravyn’s Keep,

along the right side amid some stone runes you can get it from lorestone written H .


2 – This Lorestone is Hard to get, given in the above picture, in the second area because you have to first find the Raven Symbols, you’ll  catch Valravyn to a destroy fort by removing a wall.

On the Other side, unbar the door, and then bring the wall back. Now you can enter the fort and climb across the wall to the stone on the hill.


3 – where you will get this Lorestone given above picture you can find it,  past the second Raven Symbol door, after destroying a large Group of enemies, it is found up on the shelf above the arena.


4 – Following above Lorestone,  is found when you enter the Huge disintegration with the 3rd Raven Symbol Door. before entering the ravine,

When you turn around at the hallucination type gate on the right to find the Lorestone hidden in an alcove.


This Lorestone you will discover in the range with the 3rd Raven Symbol Door, When entering the little fortress where Valravyn remains by experiencing a pipedream sort gate  to open the divider up, search for a little opening to one side of the stepping stool to discover a way to the Lorestone.

Surtr’s Domain Lorestones Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Lorestone


 How many lorestone are Their in Surtr’s Domain ?

1.You can discover this Lorestone in the primary long valley in Surtr’s Domain. At the point when the way isolates left and right, take the correct way to discover a give in past the stream with the Lorestone.


2.You can discover this Lorestone subsequent to passing the primary Fire Door, once you go down the way that prompts a blocked extension, turn left, take an incline descending, and look to one side at the base of the slant to discover the Lorestone in a corner.


3.This Lorestone can be discovered not long after the past one, when searching for the second conciliatory piece for the second Fire Door. Go ideal rather than the passage to one side to discover the Lorestone.


4.In the wake of passing the second Fire Door, enter the demolished expanding on the privilege to discover the Lorestone on the ground floor under an upper room.



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