Dirt 4 Cheat Engine

DiRT 4 – a new game in the series, which has existed for a dozen years.

If you do not know, this line – the spiritual and ideological successor McRae by Colin Rally.

Throughout its history, DiRT «turned» and to clear arcade,

A serious simulator such as the recent and still popular DiRT Rally .

In principle, this is all you need to know before buying DiRT 4.

It is quite another thing, if you are aware of all this and are familiar with the previous parts.

Then you can begin to seem as if this time the developer of the game a little faked,

well or just decided to sell the game as wide an audience as possible.

Dirt 4 Cheat Engine Free download

Inf.Repair Time
No Penalty
Freeze Time

DiRT 4: Table for Cheat Engine

DiRT 4: Trainer / Trainer (+5)
Numpad 1 Slow Down the Timer slow down timer
Numpad 2 Inf. Money
Numpad 3 Inf. Prestige
Numpad 4 Inf. Repair Time
Numpad 5 Freeze Opponents
Home Disable All cancel All

Free download DiRT 4: Trainer / Trainer (+5)

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