deus ex mankind divided Tips and Guide

deus ex mankind divided tips for beginners

The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided observes the critical of the commandments of the series: Play as you want to go where pulls. Here it is difficult too superheroish or too formal a passage of the wrong development hero. Harm to the unsuccessful bleed screw in that will have to be adjusted to the style of the Games. With our recommendations you breakdowns of such a fate.

Social implant. The implant scans the voice of the caller, catching manifestations of a particular model of personality: Alpha, Beta and Omega. The more outbreaks seen in psycho, the higher the probability that the corresponding replica will be successful.

deus ex mankind divided tips for beginners

The Human Revolution Social corrector times let – or we ourselves summed misinterpretation of indicators. In any case, without Mankind Divided place is not nearly as interesting. Possibility of swing each counter-cross and avoid a fight is not only useful stelsoviku but desperate fighter, so as not to waste time.

“Icarus” system. As in Human Revolution, «Icarus» protects Jensen after falling from a height. Practical use is not so much: some saving of time in the fall or a quick escape. Addition to the “Icarus”, which allows on landing stun everyone around, too, is not quoted: for a peaceful passage it is too loud, and for loud – enough killer. But spectacular!

If you value pathetic “appearance on the stage” – to borrow and enjoy. And then run away from the reinforcement.

Energy Converter. The further improved, the longer it holds the “battery”, which means that the augmentation work longer. The correct thing to those around based on their implants as Tikhonov, and soldiers. Only fans climb on the bottom of the barrel, it is not well suited: hacking, jumping high, Herculean strength and the like characteristics do not spend energy. Only melee techniques consume it – and this is followed by an eye. With an empty strip of energy silenok only enough for a knockout, the second will have to wait a few agonizing seconds.
Implants “penetration”

In this category we include all augmentation to help penetrate and / or to escape from a dangerous place. Should I take it all at once? In any case, almost any place are at least two ways, and a full set of “bear hunter” simply superfluous. Augmentation positioned to reduce their utility, from the most basic to worthless.
Remote hacking. This is an experimental augmentation, and for her will have to sacrifice something. And for what! Jensen has access to dozens of all hidden stairways, bridges and crossings, which would otherwise not even notice it, and especially not aktiviruesh. If you love to climb on nooks and go to bypass, then take immediately! In addition, the modification of de-energizes the turrets, laser barriers and other unpleasant things – a few seconds, but without the hassle.

Breaking improvements. Here I’ll take all the existing in-game hacking gadgets, because although there are divided into three branches, but without each other they are of little use.

breaking levels – gives access to more sophisticated locks. If you are not ready to knock the door shots or lazy to look round, swing right up to the ceiling.

Increasing secrecy – it is a smaller chance of finding them breaking. Even if the probability of interest were considered in the game by an algorithm similar to the algorithm in XCOM (45% – almost inevitable anxiety), for intelligent hacker still a necessary thing. It is advisable to pump more or less in sync with new levels of locks, security systems, otherwise growth will surpass the growth of your stealth.

Increasing strengthening – captured and fortified by your virus components longer resist antivirus, giving valuable time. In principle, you do not need if you are to be developed secrecy: whereas at the time of detection of the enemy, and without that you will not have time to prevent.

A separate line note hacking turrets and robots – remember that their “reinsertion” will entail a terrible mess with mountains of corpses and tightly screw up achievement for pacifism. Swing in the event that your Adam Jensen – a bloodthirsty butcher with an unexpected talent to cracking.

Augmentation of legs. At first, you barely climbed in the trash, and now take off like a spring, to the roof of the two-storey building. Of all the implants “penetration” – perhaps the most highly specialized: not every location is possible at all strong enough height difference.

Augmentation hands. A total of three varieties.

Three-level increase in inventory – not so necessary if you decide right away which weapon to take with you and what not to touch. “Plushkin” like the author of this manual is strictly necessary.

Kick through the wall – a valuable option! Weak areas, ready for penetration, are common and almost always help to cut off the road or to avoid trouble. Well, you can eliminate the enemy, if on the other side someone will: this feature is less useful due to acute depending on the combination of circumstances. A good agent himself – fact!

Finally, weight lifting – Now Jensen carries not only fire extinguishers and printers, but also the whole refrigerator. The Mankind Divided – the sea of large and small apertures, an obstructed large junk, and every time you sincerely thank yourself for choosing the last power augmentation! However, in some cases, unnecessary furniture can push apart, crawling near her squatting

Jerk. Another experimental augmentation. It allows for a split second to overcome a certain distance, and then improve – take off on the low ledges and balconies. Not the right skill, because to get above Adam may be different. However, a breakthrough useful in battle – when Jensen surround and get ready to hit, he will wave gracefully on the top bunk. If you have time to take aim and do not be distracted to the shooting.

Artificial lungs. Insurance in case if the only convenient way for you to the protected area shrouded clubs poisonous gas. Such moments in the game a little bit, and even the most curious agent be without new light.

implants stealth

It’s simple: if you want to play quietly – perhaps even without stun techniques – then you desperately need this augmentation.

“Tesla”. Priceless gift for burglar thief. Produces discharge current which “lulls” hit one target. Suppose Jensen already full of tools for a quiet removal, but improved “Tesla” cuts down already four enemies at once! However, in practice, missing two or three non-recurring charges.

Mandatory conditions: the capture of the objectives necessary to lean out of cover, because select the point where you will notice immediately. In addition, one goal should not be to close the other, otherwise “Tesla” double hit one target. Oh and make sure it was not around the onlookers who see either your attack, or body. Or the shocking them, too – who are you to interfere?

Built-in radar. It is interesting not by itself, but only its improvement: line of sight and range of noise you will be drawn directly on the radar. Knowing the exact boundaries of what is permitted, Jensen is capable of shaped folly: for example, to slip into the narrow gap formed between the two “cones”. And know exactly where to look in the patrol, and where – no.

Amplifier reflexes. Acts simple – instead of a silent attack with Jensen back allows himself to overturn the two enemies at once. If you prefer it this way – to sneak up and strike, the amplifier is required. If not, it still does not hurt to buy: it may help you out if you have overlooked and let a couple of enemies to themselves.

PEPS . It produces energy wave, knocking down all in its path, in the manner of a push Jedi. As before, from it more fun than good. It takes up a lot of noise, but the same effect can be easily achieved otherwise.

Invisibility. Augmentation average utility, because the levels are almost always built so that the clusters of enemies can be circumvented. But it saves time – no words to describe: to slip in a few seconds, the route, which would have, or get, or break with the battle. However, with the enemies of the undisturbed level of safety and all the secrets, and all the delicious stuff, which is so eager to carry off with them. When Mankind Divided desire to easily pass without stealth, but it is still valuable help.

Of superior. This skill is also too will not be the star of the first magnitude. Objects and places where you can have a hand, and so nice to be seen. Silhouettes enemies duplicate already clear indications of the radar (and if you pump it, it still will show visibility cones, but not so on of superior).

Martial implants

Tired of hide and seek in the pantry? So you decided to turn thoughtful stealth-action in an action movie. Deus Ex has much to offer in this regard, the benefit of shooting in the new part brought to mind as intelligently as the “quiet” part.

Stabilization of sight. Priceless augmentation for the shooter, even more valuable than the increase in strength. The trunk will cease to stagger like a drunken man, reloading accelerated and reduced recoil. Boring, routine improvements, expressed interest, but they greatly simplify your life by helping to distribute headshots, one after another.

“Typhoon”. It is still the best answer to the aggressive harassment. It works the same as in the Human Revolution: the crowd rushes in, press a button, and all the living waters Jensen shot. The difference is that now the “Typhoon” has found a non-lethal modification with poison gas. But if you chose the path of a fighter, then pacifism is alien to you. When using the “Typhoon” be careful so that after firing projectiles nobody escaped, otherwise defenseless Adam Jensen – you got out of hiding! – Starting immediately lead.

“Titanium”. The most famous experimental augmentation, vision you in pre-release trailers and pieces of gameplay. This liquid armor that hardens under the influence of the discharge and allows for some time to live under heavy fire. However, super-fast energy consumption. Generally speaking, if it came to the activation of “Titan” – then you are fighting is not very correctly and carefully. So, you play Rambo. However, the benefits of the modification that does not diminish: is necessary to refuse insurance, especially if it is stronger than the very strong?

Dermal armor. I migrated from the last part. It is not necessary to activate – How to improve, so it protects Jensen. However, far from being a hundred percent, but the battery is not planting. This is its advantage: without too much cost you increase the chances of survival, even with the skill of shooting it did not correlate.

Health improvement . It is worth taking for the same reason as that of armor. Importance is not paramount, but if you feel that too often boot after failed attack on the enemy position, a solid indicator of a bonus to HP and its recovery rate will display statistics plus.

Nanoklinok. It ceased to be a constant companion silent butcher: now Freischütz find a use for it. Experimental augmentation allows you to throw a blade like a crossbow bolt (somewhere in his capsule hiccupped toddler JC Denton). Consequences appropriate: the enemy nailed to a wall – or blade Babakhan not worse grenades if you improve this ability. The ideal tool when or ran out of ammo, or who jumped out of the corner, or the weapon is not in their hands. The main thing – to detach the hot key for this case to shoot without thinking.

Attaching markers – a nod to modernity, but in the conditions of Deus Ex it is absolutely necessary. Drive sight of enemy (seconds gaze fly through will suffice), and overhead arise labels. Why is it useful for a fighter? Markers are placed at a respectable distance, which is dangerous only stelsovik anxiolytic rifle, and settled on the floor body, he will not be able to remove. In addition, the quiet one, and without watching the radar, because it is not necessary to look around and shoot. Finally, the markers help distinguish enemies: they often merge with the landscape, and if you had to set the low graphics settings – increases the urgency half.

Slowing down time – another highly anticipated modification. Use it constantly will not work, or go broke on battery cages. So, like many other new augmentation, it is used dot, at a critical moment. Perhaps the most powerful of this lack of slo-mo – the need to sacrifice other augmentation, as in other experimental implants. Only a slowdown in much greater extent depends on the skills of the player.

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