Destiny 2 Story Will Take More Than 50 Hours

The Destiny action is Discover more as an online game. But in Destiny 2 studio Bungie Decided to add two or three times more content for a single movement.

Destiny 2 Story Decided to make it More exciting and consistent than in the first part  In total, the progress of the Destiny 2 Story  campaign will take more than 50 hours, the players are waiting for 80 with more than missions and classes, and they will all be built into the overall story. In addition to already familiar story missions, strikes and patrols, there will be new adventures, “lost sectors” and world quests. All of them will be long, complex and will bring a worthy reward.
The total volume of single content on the release of Destiny 2 Story will be roughly Similar to what is available in Destiny after four major additions and several “live” events. And the studio will continue to Explore this set.

The beta testing start on the game Pc on August 28  . After the completed console testing, the developers Plan to improve the gaming experience : they will fix a number of mistakes and make the selection of matches more flexible and quick. Some Types of classes have been modified: for example, Warlock now fights in close combat at the same distance as other classes. Special skills are now charged faster, damage from grenades is increased, and PvE players will receive more ammo To Play and Enjoy More.

Destiny 2 game Scheduled For September 6/2017 TO Release

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