clash royale max level LEGENDARY

clash royale max level  LEGENDARY

Here we have milestone as very first card in clash royale LEGENDARY Card will be hitting max level so the card after we open the giant chest just to see what we have their you will have some pecha and some cannons and just all the golds and if you have the ice wizard in the shop by one card or by two card  you can buy two cards by 10 you can go to max but dont waste your gold on that buy another ice wizard for 80000 gold it gonna be max upgrade the ice wizard through gold after upgrading you will see ice wizard get +91 points up and damage upto 83 its is has a 55 damage per second while you finish your ice wizard upgrade for max level ice wizard

For Clash Royale max level Legendary you need you upgrade the Card Decks collect and upgrade For the clash of royale  for the victory

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