clash royale best deck

clash royale best deck

Clash royale best deck step by step i ll show you what is best deck to win the trophies to defeat the opponent king

First of all i ll like to introduce

Goblin Hut

clash royale best deck

photo by own

BY upgrade this Goblin Hut you will get battle deck cards characters first by unlocking chest you will get this goblin hut at first the character of spear Goblins and by upgrading the goblin hut you will more special like queen musketeer and more clans like clash of clans  character to win the tournament.


clash royale best deck

This arrow cover large area it damage area 139 radius 4 crown tower damage and this arrow use For the opponent clans send to your area for damaging

Type : Spell


Clash Royale Fireball

Fireball damage high mostly use to damage the king if you upgrade it by gold and it can also destroy enemy Goblin Hut in a second is the clash of royale best deck to defeat enemy

Type : Spell


clash  royale Giant

Giant is slow troop but it hitpoints is 2090 on normal level and it damage 132 target building hit speed 1.5 sec  you should upgrade and make it level max by Buying xp from card shop

Type : Troop

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Baby Dragon

 Clash  royale baby Dragon

Flying Dragon is also an best troop which create fireball from mouth and speed is fast to damage the king

type : Troop


Clash Royale Witch

Epic is also a dashing player use in both game clash of clans as well as clash of royale by upgrade it up to level 6 it comes with skeletons and defeat enemy in a seconds it speed it very fast


Clash Royale P.E.K.K.A

P.E.K.K.A damage a building or troop build by it attacking once if you will continue to upgrading it the best troop if you buy this card through Gold so it awesome to win all 3 crown easily


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