clash royale arena 11

clash royale arena 11

legendary Arena is going to be thirty-eight hundred 3800 plus trophies hog mountain that will now be 3000 plus the original legendary arena as well as the 4 new cards Following Below

1.bandit clash royale arenaBandit clash royale

IT Hits point is 750 damage per second is 160 dash range 4-6 hit speed 1 sec speed fast deploy tome 1 sec range melee dash damage 320

bandit clash royale

2. night witch clash royale arena

night witch Clash Royale

she’s gonna spawn bats you can see her states at the above picture night witch legendary has 750 hits points damage per second is 190 and damage 250 Target Ground spawn speed is 5 sec hit speed 1.5 its own speed medium This is gonna be awesome her bidding even after death and if you get too close she isn’t afraid of pitching in with her mean-looking

3. Heal clash royale

Heal Clash royale
card is the heal and this is a rare card heal its healing 176/sec Duration 3 sec radius 3 heal over troops at target area

4.Bats clash royale arena 11

Bats Clash royale
is another New card revealed  in clash royale arena 11 it Hit point is 67 damage 67 Target are both air and ground its own speed is very fast and count of 5 came when select them for attack but later it can more if you upgrade it features flying big ears

Watch The Following Video to understand clash royale arena 11

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