bandit clash royale

Bandit clash royale

bandit clash royale

Hits point is 750

damage per second 160

dash range 4-6

hit speed 1 sec

speed fast deploy time 1 sec

range melee

dash damage 320

bandit clash royale  Bandit let’s dashes to her target delivers an extra big hit while dashing she can’t be touched the masks keep the mask keeps her identity state and gives her cool bonus points its hit point is 750 health and 160 damage per second it’s she does demand access to our target delivers an extra big hit while dashing identity safe and get your bonus cool she actually does that’s like a little boost attacks YOU will do a little more damage like her little regular whenever she’s in her dash mode hitting and hitting our shooting her she’s actually not going to take any damage while she’s actually in her Dash Mode and her running is very fast

Clash Royale Arena 11

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