How To avoid mistake in Clash Royale

how to avoid mistake in  Clash Royale

When You are playing clash of royale it is  normal that we are  mess up on paticular time . For example  a lot of players make mistakes in how they handle their gold. But, don’t worry YouTube video Clash Royale  with Ash has analyzed these and other errors in his video and lets you know how to avoid them.

here watch this video to let it know about the mistake doing clash royale

4 common mistake that beginner also we will play the match ill give some bonus tips towards the end of the video and you can see almost 2000 cups having lots of fun testing out different decks to bring for you guys

let check out the common mistakes number one and that would be not managing your gold properly as a new player your going to be upragde every single card but you will notice that iam here in only level 7 and the level 7 is pretty low level considering have level 8 common in level 4 epics now how did i do that because i was very selective in what i upgrade i got very comfortable with a card and then i went ahead and i upgraded you can see people around me and my clan they top player are 9 and eight and the ranking everybody is higher than me i mostly get under match so that a little bit of disadvantage on my parts in terms of hit points of my tower but there is also a huge advantage in that might like said my comments are level eight the one that actually play you see minion horde as in this video is level eight for example but my valkyrie is onlt level one  my skeleton our trap is only level one but my knight in my spirit goblins my archers all level eight That huge advantage for me

watch this video for more clearly understand

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