Arkane studios working on prey 2

How Arkane studios working on prey 2?

About how there was a work on the design of the station, Arkane studios prey 2 where the action of the game, told Gamasutra portal .

When creating a giant space station, on which the unfolding events of Prey, Arkane Studios knew she wanted to create something more than a set of levels through which to fight erupts player. They wanted to Talos 1 was perceived as an ecosystem: an interconnected, a huge and – until recently – a fully functioning.

In pursuit of this leading designer Ricardo Bare (Ricardo Bare) and his team set about finding out from what could be a start to create a sci-fi environment. The ideal model of a space station, according to Bare, were the dungeon Arx Fatalis, Arkane fantasy game, released in 2002.

“We wanted to get one super-dungeon, but in space, with a huge number of immersive, based on simulation systems,” – says Bare. Space station, complete extraterrestrial beings – continues the designer – would be a great sci-fi equivalent of [what was in Arx Fatalis]: the mysterious chambers, secret paths and dangerous enemies on every corner.

Prey action takes place in an alternate universe where John Kennedy survived the attack of Lee Harvey Oswald. “This is not the only event that features alternate universe of ours, there are of course other differences, but it is the central”, – says Bare. – “As writers and designers, we use this event as a cause of advanced space technologies.” In the world of Prey threat to life motivates Kennedy to triple efforts in the space race between the US and the USSR.

According to Bare, the cornerstone of an alternate universe Prey has also become a central source of inspiration of artists working on the design of Talos 1. Aesthetics station based on the hotels 60-70-ies, in which world leaders spent much time. “Their neo-deco fills our art” – Bare said.

Talos 1 study gives a clear idea of ​​the accelerated space program, including the trend to privatize [the industry], which happened in the game for a decade before it was launched in reality. “We read a lot about how a private business is making huge advances in space technology, which previously held only by the state. Talos 1 is not a state-owned enterprise or a military objective, “- says Bare. – “If Elon Musk had enough money to build a space station, or if Google has had such opportunities, it would look something like this.”

Luxury TranStar, the corporation that owns the space station, is evident in each location cosmic mega-dungeon Arkane. Expensive materials, such as wood and leather, transported from the Earth at an incredibly high price, there is in most corporate space station.

Another layer of history of the space station, which explains is not her style, but the way it is constructed.

TranStar Corp. just last owner of Talos 1. Initially, the station was constructed as a prison for Typhon, alien species, at the end of the war between the US and the USSR. The further in its journey through Talos 1 comes to a player, the more brutal and utilitarian it becomes architecture that designers did reminiscent of the Eastern Bloc.
Background Prey was also useful when choosing a mechanic to the game, which, at least on the surface, is a shooter. “Because the space station is a research complex, a research corporation complex, we have no intention of playing things like machine guns and rockets,” – says Bare.

Despite the fact that the game has guns and pistols, inherited from the security service station, army equipment in the game, the game BFG could not find. “Most of the tools – prototypes” – adds Bare. – “They are not ready yet, they do not look polished, attractive. iPhone-s not. “

One of the reasons that makes Talos 1 excellent location for the shooter, is that it looks and feels like a place created for other purposes. Bare As noted, the basis of Prey was a principle not to create puzzles and challenging and exciting environment. “Do not lock the door with a key, which is to find the player” – allocate Bare. – “Instead, think about the [location] as a living, dynamic world where there may be thousands of decisions.

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